Eketahuna Primary School


Parents/caregivers are requested to fill out the Health section of the enrolment form and to notify any changes that need to be recorded. Please advise us of children requiring regular medication or for whom allergy medication is needed to be kept at school. The school has a medical room and  teaching staff have current first aid certificates.  If your child suffers from asthma please advise the school as soon as you are aware they are suffering. Let us know the medication and frequency of administration. 

Children requiring first aid will be sent or escorted to Leona Hayes who is our designated first aid staff member. If necessary a phone call to the child’s home may need to occur. Leona will make this call and fill out the accident register.

Parents are responsible for any costs incurred when a student needs to be taken to the doctor,  x-rays etc by school staff.

For further information go to schooldocs

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