Eketahuna Primary School

Ka ora, Ka ako 

 School Lunches Programme

We are really excited to join the Ka Ora, Ka Ako | Healthy School Lunches programme next term. Providing a regular nutritious lunch can make a big difference to students’ learning and participation at school and will go some way to helping families and whānau 

to support their children and tamariki.

Every day all students will be provided with a healthy school lunch FREE from our supplier Trust House in Pahiatua, funded by the NZ government. Our lunches will cater for the diet, health, and cultural needs of all students, and we will work closely with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to make sure they are healthy and nutritious. Our suppliers are required to meet New Zealand food safety standards and make sure food is handled safely and hygienically. We will cater for any special dietary/allergen needs as required and these are identified at enrolment.

Ka Ora, Ka Ako is a new programme for us, students, schools and kura. We know that it can be challenging to provide healthy food that children want to eat and that getting children to enjoy new foods can take time. Trust House has undertaken to provide lunches that meet the basic standards of nutrition set out in the Ka Ora, Ka Ako nutrition guidelines.

We do ask that you encourage your children to eat these lunches even if it means trying something new. Some of the foods that the children will be given may be unfamiliar, but all we ask is that every child tries at least one bite before deciding if they do or don’t like it. Your child won’t go hungry at lunch time if they don’t like the provided lunch as we still have the KidsCan 

snacks available.

The lunches will be produced in a Trust House commercial kitchen and delivered to our school at lunchtime each day.  Each lunch will be individually served in a compostable or recyclable wrapper or box. Any allergen or special dietary lunches will be clearly marked and distributed by teachers. To remain as sustainable as possible lunches will have no internal packaging whenever possible, in order to reduce packaging waste. All waste and any food waste will be  removed from the school and taken to be commercially composted or recycled by our waste management 

partners and local farmers. 

For further information you can go online at:


We are excited to be a part of this programme 

are looking forward to providing lunches to your tamariki. 


We support, challenge and build confident, connected and actively involved life long learners.