Eketahuna Primary School


Please ensure that your child’s clothes are clearly named. Many items of clothing are identical or similar and some children genuinely have difficulty in recognising their own. Encourage your children to develop a sense of responsibility for their clothes. Shoes/boots are not to be worn in the classrooms. Eketahuna School has a uniform which all children are expected to wear when representing the school. It is a school sports shirt with black shorts. The shirt can be purchased from the school office and costs $25.00. We also have optional warm school fleeces that cost $35.00 which can also be bought through the school office. We recommend students have these uniforms items as we often require them to be worn on school trips and special events.


We have a Shady School Policy and as a result it is expected that all children will wear sunhats between Labour Day and Easter. Children without hats will sit on the veranda.

Our Sun Safety Procedure can be viewed here.


Students are encouraged not to bring money or valuables to school, but if it is necessary they should be left with Denise in the office for safekeeping. The school will not be responsible for lost money or valuables that are not left at the office.


Please ensure all clothing is named. All unclaimed property is kept in the office area. At times it is also displayed on the hall deck during the week so that children can look through them and often displayed during assemblies. At the end of each term unclaimed clothing is passed on to a charity.

We support, challenge and build confident, connected and actively involved life long learners.