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About Us:

Eketahuna School is proud of its recent report from the Education Review Office. Read it here.

Eketahuna School is the local school for the Eketahuna township and district.

Our school has a strong and dynamic team approach and places great emphasis on the quality of relationships between staff members, and between staff and children, parents and communities.

We place emphasis on core values of: 

Our school is well resourced with a major feature being the excellent use of information communication technologies (ICT) to support students learning.  Staff, parent and student willingness to embrace innovation contributes to high levels of school performance.

Our students at Eketahuna School are active and take full advantage of the spacious attractive grounds. Our children are involved in a variety of activities at all levels including rugby, soccer, chess, netball, basketball, cricket and tennis.

Everyone here works very hard to maintain and promote a positive and caring environment and is well supported by the Board of Trustees, our Home and School Association, parents and caregivers.

Like our school this website is constantly evolving but is designed to outline some of the important things we do at Eketahuna School, particularly for new parents to our vibrant community and awesome school. If in any way we can assist please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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The school was consolidated onto the current site in 1979 after having been split between two sites for many years. A school hall was built in 1998. The buildings range in ages from 70 years old to a new administration block. The main block, which was originally the District High School, houses a library, the administration foyer, offices and staffroom. Two other blocks contain two classrooms each, while another block houses one classroom and all the school readers and the Reading Recovery Room. There is one re-locatable classroom that is used for extension programmes, band practice, art etc. We have various sheds and the dental clinic is still operational at the time of writing.

The grounds are extensive and well developed and include soccer and rugby fields, a tennis/netball court, cricket practice nets and a swimming pool. There is also a climbing frame and sand-pit.

Visitors frequently comment on the attractiveness of the school setting and the well maintained grounds.

Our Sports Grounds


Our Playground

Student Teams:

Students are organised into teams for school competitions and earn points for their teams for good citizenship, sportsmanship and academics.




Institution Location
Group Special Education
Palmerston North
Speech Therapist
Police Education
Hearing and Vision
Palmerston North
Health Nurse


Institution Location
Secondary Education
Tararua College, Pahiatua