Eketahuna Primary School



At Eketahuna School, our values are encouraged, modelled and explored. We believe that although our school community comes from a wide range of backgrounds and diversity of experience, we collectively believe and uphold a range of values that are reflected in the way we think and act. Our Values were determined through community consultation and are integrated across the school curriculum and day. 

Our 4 core Values are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationship
  • Reflection


At Eketahuna School, we like to work with our students to help them build the skills they need for both now and for the future.  The social and emotional welfare of our students is important, as this provides the foundation for academic success.  We do this by:

  • Providing opportunities for our students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and to “get it right”, to learn, to practice, and to understand the importance of acceptable social behaviour.  

  • Ensuring our students understand that all behaviours have consequences, and that their choices have consequences, both positive and not so positive.

  • Ensuring our School Values are encouraged modelled and taught by all staff.  Values are an integral part of our school and classroom culture.  


Four school expectations exist to encourage our students to “do the right thing”. These were determined by gathering the thoughts of all staff and students. The Eketahuna School Expectations are displayed in all classes and link to the Eketahuna School Behaviour Steps. Our four expectations are:

 1.  We tell the truth

 2.  We actively listen and follow instructions

 3.  We care about people and property

4.  We always try our best


Consequences for student behaviour can be either positive or negative. We focus on “catching them when they’re good” as these positive reinforcers have a powerful effect. Teachers implement a variety of methods to reinforce positive behaviour at our school. In all situations our focus is encouraging appropriate and positive behaviour. 

When students need support for ‘doing the right thing’, we have a school wide behaviour plan in place.

At Eketahuna School we take pride in ourselves and in our school, and celebrate our achievements. Our Behaviour Management Procedure can be viewed here.

We support, challenge and build confident, connected and actively involved life long learners.